01. He has been really emotionally [vulnerable] since his wife left him.
02. Superman was only [vulnerable] when he came in contact with kryptonite.
03. The fortress was [vulnerable] to attacks from the sky.
04. If you don't eat properly, you may become more [vulnerable] to disease.
05. Many adolescents are [vulnerable] to peer pressure.
06. I feel very [vulnerable] since losing my best friend.
07. His treatment for cancer has made him [vulnerable] to infection.
08. Divorce can lead to feelings of [vulnerability] and emotional insecurity in children.
09. AIDS makes people [vulnerable] to many illnesses.
10. Cyclists are more [vulnerable] than motorists, and should be protected by laws which take their situation into account.
11. According to a study, 25% of all road deaths in Britain were [vulnerable] road users - cyclists and pedestrians.
12. Many women in this country feel [vulnerable] when they are walking on our city streets at night.
13. You could become [vulnerable] to disease if you don't get enough vitamins in your food.
14. Achilles' only [vulnerable] point was his heel.
15. The devastating attacks on the World Trade Center illustrated just how [vulnerable] even the most powerful countries are to terrorists who are willing to die for their cause.
16. Of all road users, pedestrians are probably the most [vulnerable] in the event of an accident.
17. The landscape and climate of Bangladesh combine to make it [vulnerable] to flooding.
18. The Arawak Indians of Jamaica have completely disappeared, due to their [vulnerability] to European diseases.
19. Being such a flat, low country, the Netherlands is particularly [vulnerable] to flooding by the sea.
20. Grazing animals such as cows are quite [vulnerable] to attacks from predators because they have to eat frequently.
21. The [vulnerability] of children makes them frequent targets of human rights violations.
22. John F. Kennedy once noted that the supreme reality of our time is the [vulnerability] of this planet.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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